K-Bus E-Solar City for MVG Kapfenberg


more than 85 buses deliverd

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The Lesachtal is considered the most natural valley in Austria and offers mountaineers unforgettable tours in the mighty Carnic Alps, the cozy Gailtal Alps or the rugged Lienz Dolomites. 


K-Bus E-Solar City on Austria Tour

Technical Museum on Austria-Tour

The Technical Museum is launching a tour throughout Austria to get people excited about technology and science. Workshops under expert guidance are offered in an e-bus converted into a digital production facility.


E-Solar City III Heilbad Heiligenstadt

Four E-Solar City III K-Bus driving in Heiligenstadt

The E-Solar CIty III are manufactured by K-Bus using consistent lightweight construction as full low-floor buses - combined with the tried and tested series technology of the base vehicle. for the manufacturers from Burgendland used as a technical basis the established Nisan e-NV200 with its standard 40 kW battery.


E-Solar City Bad Radkersburg

Mobility on quiet feet

In Bad Radkersburg they are currently working on a traffic concept. According to Mayor Karl Lautner, the goal is clear - the focus is on environmental considerations, and in future routes should ideally be covered on foot or by bike.
"We want to become the cycling capital of Styria," emphasizes Lautner. So you take 50,000 euros into your hand for a wide-ranging fleet of bicycles, which will be available from Easter in the local bicycle shop for a small trial round. The range will range from folding bikes to cargo bikes.


E-Solar City Marchtrenker Christkind

300 wishes are fulfilled

Wishes come true and make children's eyes shine. One of the main tasks of the Christ Child. The city Marchtrenk takes this very well and want to meet every need of the kids. That’s why there’s even a moving Christ Child for delivering the presents.


E-Solar City Poland

Bielsko-Biala: Tests of electrical bus K-BUS E-Solar City

Miejski Zakład Komunikacyjny in Bielsko-Biała Sp.Z oo z o.o. carries out tests of the K-BUS E-Solar City electric bus from September 8 to 9, 2020 on school administrators. K-BUS is the new brand and the successor to the Austrian company Kutsenits.


E-Solar City Wieselburg

"Wiesel" is busy on the road

After a month in action, the municipality of Wieselburg draws a very positive assessment of the “Stadtwiesel” electric bus.Whether for shopping, transport or excursions - the offer is used.


E-Community Bus Großaitingen

Take the community bus across the country for free

“We want robust technology and on-site maintenance in workshops.”
This is how the new community bus for the Großaitingen administrative community should look like: Seats like those in public buses, but smaller overall and with a ramp and electric drive.


K-Bus E-Solar Shuttle

Cyprus’s first electric bus launched in Paphos

The new vehicle entered into circulation immediately and will run on test routes until September.


E-Citybus Mattersburg

This is the new city bus

Three buses will be available for the two lines from June.The travel time to the city center takes never more than 15 to 20 minutes.
The expected start is 2.June 2020.


E-Solar City Wolfsberg

Electric Citybus now in Wolfsberg in use

Today the municipality of Wolfsberg,the province of Kärnten and ÖBB Postbus GmbH are launching an electric city bus in control
mode and ensures in Kärnten for innovative changes in public transport


E-Solar City III BBS Brandner

Günzburg city bus is now electric

The bus company BBS is introducing the first fully electric city bus in Günzburg on 18 December 2019. The E-Solar City-Bus from the Austrian company K-Bus Kutsenits is barrier-free as a low-floor bus and offers space for up to 32 people.


E-Solar City Hornstein

Start of the first local electric bus in Burgenland

The new local bus for public transport in Hornstein will start on 2. September 2019.In a few weeks, the first electric bus in Burgenland will drive through Hornstein.

E-Solar City Busworld Brüssel

Busworld Brussels - News from Austria

The Austrian bus manufacturer K-Bus Kusenits is presenting two new bus models at Europe's largest bus fair, Busworld in Brussels.


E-Solar City Judenburg

Freie Fahrt für Elektro-Bus in Judenburg

In the municipality of Judenburg, the focus is now even more on electric mobility: after a test phase last year, an "E-Citybus" will be used in regular operation in the district administration from Friday, August 30th.


E-Citybus MVG Kapfenberg

The MVG Kapfenberg drives after 17 years electric again

The MVG drove electrically until 2002, at that time with overhead lines. Yesterday the company put the first electric city bus into operation.